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  • How robust are your risk and KYC processes?
  • Will there be a surge in debtor fraud uncovered once government aid comes to an end?
  • How can you leverage technology to transform risk management?


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Read Technology – The Route To Resilience and find out whether fraud and business closures are on the increase globally.

The report also explores how lenders can leverage technology to transform risk and KYC processes.

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Fraud And Business Failure Set To Increase

As government aid reduces, concerns are growing that there will be a rapid increase in business failures and fraudulent activity. Our new global report analyses the results and comments on the reasons behind the figures.

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Risk Management For Growth

A clear ‘satisfaction gap’ exists between the risk management systems lenders are using, and the systems they would like. Technology can help close that gap and support future growth throughout the lending lifecycle.

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The Growing Importance Of KYC

KYC is becoming a key differentiator between lenders at the onboarding and due diligence stage. It is clear from our research that there are huge opportunities for lenders that embrace data extraction and develop robust KYC processes.

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