Gentleman style & Sports

We understand that cookie-cutter smart watches cannot reflect your gentleman charm. Imagine if there is a perfect combination of business style and smart watch style? Wonderful things will always happen in this world. We have done it. The prudent qualities can really be combined with sports elements. I think you can't wait to experience



As an adult, you'll need to wear a mechanical watch on formal occasions, and you'll need to switch to a smart watch when you enjoy a workout or run after work.For this reason, our team designed a watch that combines mature and sports elements. It's amazing. It looks like a mechanical watch but has all the functions of a sports watch.You can wear this watch alone at work, gym and home.

Heart rate


Track all activities, including steps, distance, calories burned as well as sleep time and sleep quality


Call and SMS reminders

Connect to a smartphone to easily receive SMS, email and smart notifications. Don't miss any important announcements.

Brain Activity

Bluetooth Music

Use Smartwatch to easily control music and switch songs, no need to take your phone out of your pocket, enjoy every minute anytime, anywhere.

New Friend

Support iOS & Android

Compatible with most smartphones above IOS 10.0 and Android 4.4, and supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0

Know your body even better

When you fall sleep, LIGE Business smartwatch will automatically enter the sleep monitor mode; detect your deep / light sleep / wake up times all night, calculate your sleep quality; sleep data can only view on APP side.

Girl Doing Yoga

Heart Rate 

Heart Rate Monitor 24/7 heart rate tracking gives you guidance to act on your  fitness goals and helps you know your physical state accurately and timely, this makes it easy for you to understand your workouts.

Bluetooth connection to mobile music


Play and pause music with a tap when it's paired with your phone. Enjoy your workouts and immerse yourself in your favorite songs.

Redesigned and re-engineered to help
you stand out from the crowd and stay energy, active and connected.

The wrist is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, and the heartbeat changes more clearly between exercise and quiet.
The replaceable magnet control smart bracelet makes you more comfortable to wear the fashionable LIGE Watch.The designer said that the frameless design broke the banal daily life and maintained the same style and color of the watch. Powerful color matching, excellent color interpretation and coolness

 Longer battery life

From multiple functions to intelligent tips, the LIGE WATCH supports you in every aspect of your life. This tracker watch can work up to 5-7 days with one full charge,You can go with it for a long time with no worries.

IP67 Waterproof

Resistant to the daily wet like hand washing, bathing. You can wear it when running in the rain, no need to take if off frequenly.

Multi-sport Modes

A powerful fitness tracker. It also support additional 8 sports (Walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football) tracking to help you better monitor your various workout.

All-day Activity Tracking

Business Smartwatch can track your activity tracking data throughout the day, such as steps, average pace, distance, calories burned, etc. Once you have tied the device to the app, you can use your smartphone to view the exercise route.

Alternate text

  Choose an exercise mode and continuously break the previous exercise and fitness goals.Run faster, jump higher, push harder.